Reach geographic and economic targets faster.

Effective warehouse processing is the first step to reaching your destinations and economic targets fast. 

SLC therefore offers a continuous, transparent process chain that guarantees  the highest security and reliability – from warehouse to lorry transport to delivery and/or installation:

  • Systematic logging of all work processes
  • Adapted IT-support from order acknowledgement to warehouse processing to delivery or installation 
  • Tracking possible for retailers and end users
  • Binding delivery dates for several million packages per year  
  • Perfectly coordinated equipment – from storage trolleys and lifting carts to platforms, swap boxes and lorries 


Your goods are being expected. Platform 1 is reserved.

This is where we receive your goods, check it for quality and quantity and mark each package with a special bar-coded customer label. Only then is the assignment added to the general flow of goods in the logistics centre.

We process the handling of all of the goods on 60,000 m² of warehousing space in the logistics centre. The SAP warehouse administration system (LES) ensures a       perfect goods in/goods out system.