Speed is not magic. However, sometimes we do perform little miracles.

SLC offers a first-class service for the delivery of furniture to the trade. You simply deliver your goods to one of our sites, alternatively, we organise a collection from the requested location. 

Direct delivery to the trade

From the SLC site, the furniture is directly delivered to the trade – with no more than one stop for goods handling. This ensures particularly fast transport from A to B, whilst reducing the risk of transport damage (and therefore complaints) due to       re-loading.  

The furniture is delivered using 2-man handling to the requested location. Every one of our employees handling your furniture is highly skilled – from warehouse staff to responsible administrator to our delivery team.  

Practical online tracking 

A further service reflecting our transparency during the logistics process is the    tracking system: Simple and fast with a few clicks of the mouse on our website!

Safe, fast and reliable to your destination  

In order to guarantee perfect transport of your furniture, we have adapted our transport fleet to the specific requirements of furniture logistics. More than 120    vehicles are working for you daily and transport an approximate delivery volume of 550,000 m³; this is only possible when using an intelligent logistics concept.        Transport quality and no damage to your furniture are our main focus for each of the 10 million kilometres a year that we are on the road. 

Advantages of our customer-oriented transport optimisation:

  • Dense route network for direct and shared transport
  • Two-man operated deliveries
  • Direct deliveries of goods to the trade
  • Regional distribution with small vehicles
  • Warehouse opening times 24 hours a day